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Redbank Plains woman 'fights for life' following drive-way accident

September 22, 2014
A 36-year-old woman remains in a critical condition at the Princess Alexandra Hospital today - after being run over and pinned down in her driveway at Redbank Plains yesterday. It's believed the…
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kicked in the nuts

Science Proves What Hurts More Child Birth Or Being Kicked In The Groin

September 22, 2014
It's the question that has plagued mankind for centuries, has sparked debates in households around the world and now it's been answered. What hurts more: Giving birth or being kicked in the groin?…
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milleniumfalcon f98c2

Is that what we think it is?

September 22, 2014
Yes. Yes, it is. Star Wars fans have a lot to be excited (and a little bit worried) about lately. But if the stress and pressure of an upcoming new Star War movie gives us anything it is these…

Did One Direction Inspire Ed Sheeran's "Don't"?

It sure sounds like Ed Sheeran is pulling a Taylor Swift! While promoting his new album X…

Get U2's New Album Songs of Innocence For FREE here!

U2 are giving away their new album Songs of Innocence for FREE as part of the new iphone…

Mel Brooks' Walk Of Fame Prank

This is Mel Brooks' handprint out the front of Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre. Notice…

Pink's New Project You + Me

Monday is Pink's 35th birthday, and she's celebrating with a big announcement: she's…

Aaron Stevens

Is locking up bins at train stations taking the terror threat too far?

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