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Toowoomba mosque attack denounced

January 27, 2015
Police in Toowoomba are examining security video - in a bid to enhance the image of man - wanted over a suspicious fire at a mosque on the weekend. The mosque sustained minor damage after a plastic…
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anaconda man

Anaconda Man Eaten Alive By Giant Snake

December 09, 2014
Eaten Alive has aired on The Discovery Channel and it's left a somewhat foul taste in the mouths of viewers. Wildlife expert Paul Rosolie donned a carbon fibre suit, a helmet and a device to measure…


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wheeloffortune 16268

Everyone fails at Wheel of Fortune

January 26, 2015
How hard is this, really? Harder than we thought apparently. This panel of contestants on the US version of Wheel of Fortune struggled when it came time to solve this head scratcher... Then they…

Daniel MacPherson, Zoe Ventoura Engaged

Daniel MacPherson and Zoe Ventoura are engaged! The Australian couple have been engaged…

Taylor Swift And Matt Healy Not Dating

Taylor Swifts alleged boyfriend has denied the rumor they're in a relationship. Matt…

Judi Dench Has A Tattoo For Harvey Weinstein On Her Butt!

Judi Dench has a tattoo on her butt in recognition of Harvey Weinstein!! The Dame/actress…

Shock horror: Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten Broken Up

Gabi Grecko and Georffrey Edelsten have broken up!!! (For now...) The weird couple have…

Is locking up bins at train stations taking the terror threat too far?

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