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Pauline Hanson to fight for farmers & against Coal Seam Gas.

December 19, 2014
Pauline Hanson has declared she'll fight for the farmers and against coal seam gas, at next year's state election. The recently-returned leader of One Nation has also said she'll campaign against the…
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anaconda man

Anaconda Man Eaten Alive By Giant Snake

December 09, 2014
Eaten Alive has aired on The Discovery Channel and it's left a somewhat foul taste in the mouths of viewers. Wildlife expert Paul Rosolie donned a carbon fibre suit, a helmet and a device to measure…
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UPDATE: Twenty-year-old man finds siblings after stabbing

December 19, 2014
Cordoned-off Murray Street in Manoora where the incident occurred Following on from initial reports, it has now been confirmed that a woman taken to hospital with severe injuries was the mother…

Bette Midler Says Ariana Should Lock Up Her Sexuality

Ariana Grande is mad at Bette Midler! In the unlikely celeb feud Bette Midler said this…

Kim Kardashian Teaches Rove To Twerk

Kim Kardashian is in Australia and Rove on The Project asked the question we were all…

Johnny Depp Drunk Awards Speech

Johnny Depp has made a bit of a fool of himself at the Hollywood Film Awards. He got up…

Ben Affleck Jokes About His Penis At Award Ceremony

Gone Girl took out the Hollywood Film Award for 2014 and Ben Affleck was the one to…

Is locking up bins at train stations taking the terror threat too far?

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