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4 Waite Street Ipswich 4305 Queensland 4305
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Teaching you to drive, not just pass the test.

Learn to drive with Ipswich Pro Drive’s experienced driving instructors who give you the skills to drive, and survive on our busy Queensland roads.

High pass rate

Ipswich Pro Drive have an extremely high pass rate for our students. Because we focus on teaching proper driving skills and developing the students confidence, almost every Ipswich Pro Drive student passes their test the first time. Our instructors will advise you when they know you are a ready to take the test. When the time comes, we will organise your test for you.

Choice of instructors

Ipswich Pro Drive has both male and female instructors with a variety of backgrounds. We can match an instructor to you, ensuring you learn to drive in a way that best suits you.

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of safe driving skills, contact Ipswich Pro Drive for details on gift vouchers for driving lessons.


Ipswich Pro Drive takes safety very seriously. Our driving instructors check their car every day before any students are given a driving lesson. The brakes are inspected and tested, all lights on the car are checked, wipers and horn are tested and the seat belts are checked. Our students are never put at risk in sub standard vehicles.

Dual Control

All Ipswich Pro Drive cars are equipped with dual controls, so that in the unlikely event of a problem, the instructor can take control of the vehicle and ensure everyone’s safety.

Car and Truck Licenses

Ipswich Pro Drive is more than just a Driving School. We have been in Ipswich, Brisbane and throughout Queensland for over 15 years. Our teaching methods have been very successful with our students able to achieve a Driver Licence Test pass on their first driving test. We provide support to our students at a very stressful and important part of their lives and getting a Driver Licence or a Truck Licence is a milestone and it needs to be successful the 1st time.

Our friendly and courteous staff are only too eager to assist you in any possible way.

Our Highly Trained instructors will assist you to obtain the car or truck licence of your choice from C, CA, MR, HR(B) and HR, HC and MC, B Double or Road Train.