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Want a beautiful, healthy lawn all year round?

Get a lawn that’s the envy of your street! Coochie HydroGreen are the experts you need to maintain or repair your existing lawn or turf. Using our unique 6-in-1 liquid lawn treatment, tailored especially for your lawns, your lawn can be green, weed-free and grub-free with no hassles.

Lawn Treatment Services

Creating a beautiful and healthy lawn can seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have no idea how to properly care for it or what products work best for your specific type of turf. Our unique 6-in-1 liquid lawn treatment makes your lawn green, weed-free and grub-free with no hassles.

Lawn Maintenance Services

If you want to reduce the time you spend on maintaining your lawn then you should try our expert Lawn Care Program which includes lawn fertiliser and soil conditioners, pest, weed and disease control. At Coochie HydroGreen, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who will work hard to maintain and improve the appearance of your lawn so that it looks the envy of the street all year round. All you have to do is follow the advice our lawn technicians give you, keep up with watering and mowing and sit back and enjoy your beautiful, healthy lawn.

Weed Control & Weed Removal Services

If you’re a Coochie HydroGreen customer, worrying about Bindii’s or Clover spoiling the appearance of your lawn is a thing of the past. We can remove the majority of lawn weeds permanently using our weed removal services and your yard will look great again. Safe for kids and pets, our weed control treatments are excellent for all lawns big or small. Our expert weed treatment application means your lawn is in safe hands with the professionals. We don’t take shortcuts so you get the powerful results that you’re looking for.

Lawn Pest Control Services

Pests like Grubs and Armyworms can sneak into lawns and make life difficult. Unfortunately, the little critters can cause a lot of damage to your turf if you don’t treat them quickly.

Lawn pests can quickly work their way through your lawn, eating the roots of your turf leaving you with a dry, damaged or even dead lawn within a matter of days.

Our Coochie HydroGreen lawn pest control program is proven to eliminate pests from armyworms to lawn ants, keep them away for months and help repair the damage they have left.

Lawn Disease Services

Lawn disease is common in lawns that are not carefully taken care of, often appearing due to an inconsistency in the watering, mowing, or nutrient level of your lawn. The disease can break out on your lawn for any reason, and to the DIY lawn carer, it is not always easy to diagnose the root of the problem. That’s why our lawn disease treatments offer effective treatment services against all kinds of lawn diseases in a safe and hassle-free manner.