Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for breakfast and Hinksy on your drive home for your chance to play

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

As Secret Sound goes, the cash will jackpot by $50 every time it doesn’t go off.

Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for breakfast and Hinksy on your drive home for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page below for the incorrect guesses.

Secret Sound thanks to Elite Portables Helidon

Flicking a wet tea towel

Using a stapler

Driving over the David Trumpy Bridge 

Using a self inking rubber stamp

The latch closing on a door

The netflix opening when opening the app

Hanging up the fuel bowser

A staple gun

Closing a sliding door

Hitting the key on a typewriter

Pulling tape from a tape dispenser

Putting a catcher on a lawn mower

A Hammer hitting a table

Closing the front door

Launching sound of Netflix 

Throwing a rope over a pile of boxes

Throwing a basketball through a hoop

Driving over a speed bump

Using a nail gun

Installing a cartridge on a porta potty

The pulling down of a paper guillotine 

Pushing the button to open a microwave door

Squash ball hitting a wall

Using a stamp

Using a staple Gun 

Pushing a toggle down on a play station controller

Using a hole puncher

Knocking over a mop bucket

Lock checking a door

Netflix opening intro

Opening a brief case latch

Opening a remote battery 

Opening a lock on a window

Kick flicking a skateboard

Using a date stamp

A stamp stamping something

Closing the drawer of a tool box 

A wooden door closing 

Using a hole puncher

Closing a pool gate

Closing a filter door

An empty coffee pod falling in the drawer 

A date stamp being pushed down

Shutting a filing cabinet

Pressing the button on a keyless entry on a car

Putting the battery into a cordless blower vac

Shutting a screen door

Sliding a dead bolt

Slamming a door

Opening a push button cabinet

Pressing down on a chiropractors workbench

Stapler stapling documents

A magnetic door stop

A pinball flapper hitting the ball

Opening a car door 

Pushing the handle down on a suitcase

Stamping a stamp

Crushing 2 garlics together on a bench

Hanging up a petrol nozzle

Closing a lid on an electric kettle

Pulling a Xmas cracker

Truck backing onto a trailer

Closing the microwave door

Pushing an ink cartridge in

Letting go of a wheelie bin and it bounces back up

Putting a Neverfail water bottle into the holder 

Putting the nozzle back into the petrol bowser

Opening a briefcase

Hitting a red stop button

Closing a glass sliding door

Closing a push button cabinet

A latch on a gate 

Push buttons on a security gate

Wacking your car door with your hip

Dropping a hammer on the bench

Stopping a wheelie bin

Pressing the pedestrian button on traffic lights

Closing the latches on a brief case

Shooting a nail gun into a piece of wood

Pushing the lock button down in a car

Shutting a front door

Locking a padlock

Whacking a pack of paper on a bench

Closing the glove box in the car

Pushing a door back onto a doorstop

Pushing the test button on an RDC safety switch

Pressing the stop button on a washing machine

Pushing the breaks down on a babies pram

Dropping newspapers onto a table

Closing the glovebox on your car

Putting your toast in and locking it down 

Unlocking a brief case 

When the full stop hits paper from a type writer

Using a nail gun

Closing a door against a magnetic door stopper

Locking a door

A door connecting with the latch.

Pressing the hazzard light button in the car

A gymnastic vault

Closing a microwave door

Pushing the button to open the microwave door

Pushing the button at the traffic lights

When you push a shopping trolley and it stops at the escalator

Running over a cat’s eye

The latch closing on a sliding glass door

Your ex wife leaving 

Taking a shot with a basketball and missing 

Pressing the stop button on a cassette player

Pushing the button to central lock your car

Cylindrical bars attached to a drive way gate

Shaking the sheet as you’re making the bed

Bouncing a basket ball

A magnetic door stop

Pressing a stop button on an esolating  fan. 

Slamming your foot on the brake pedal

Pushing a car door closed

A ball hitting concrete

Washing machine stopping 

Turning off a JBL Bluetooth speaker

A dryer stopping

Pushing down a pop up sink 

Jumping on a pogo stick

Pushing down an entered stamp

Hitting the golf ball

Putting a brake on a pram wheel

Hitting a tennis ball

Clicking the legs into place on a folding table 

Opening an umbrella

Pushing the round lock button in

A piece of paper being punched with a heavy-duty stapler

The electromagnetic switch cutting off to stop the water in a washing machine

A golf ball return mechanism

Electric toaster popping up a piece of toast

Clicking a lock back together 

Door fridge and second fridge door closing

Car reversing up to a trailer and latching on

Shutting your luggage bag

Putting your foot on a bin pedal and the lid closing

Pushing on a stapler

Pushing down a spring-loaded plug

Stopping a coin from spinning on a table

A mechanic’s chair rolling into your vehicle

Shooting a nerf gun

A basket ball hitting a backboard

Opening a door and it makes contact with the round magnetic door stop

Shutting a cupboard door

Pressing down on an emergency button

Opening a door on a dryer

Using fly swatt

When a portable speaker disconnects 

A ring binder when its snapping shut

Pushing the return lever on an old typewriter

Typing a letter on a typewriter

Opening up a microwave

A chocolate wheel coming to a stop

Locking a screen door 

Putting the car in park

Hit a squash ball and it rebounds

Self inking stamp

Locking a doorknob

Taking the stylus off a record

A doorknob

Closing the tailgate on a Isuzu DMax Ute

Releasing a pinball

Retracting a metal tape measure 

Putting the lid on an old round esky

Pressing the button at a pedestrian crossing

Clicking a door back into the socket of a ball and socket door stop

Hitting the isolate button on a pedestal fan

Opening a soft drink bottle

Putting a large neverfail bottle into the container and the noise it makes when breaking the seal

Ejecting a cassette from an old cassette player

Pushing the button on top of a chess stop clock

Pressing stop button on a washing machine

Pressing down on a hole punch and it punches through a whole heap of pages

Shooting a Nurf gun

Break the tape on a cardboard box when you’re opening it

A car central locking

Hitting the push to walk button at a traffic light

A hole puncher


Using a Staple gun

When you go to the Australia Post lockers and you put your number in and the lock off thing pops open

A robo vac going back into it’s doc

Turning a knob on a dryer to off

Pushing a door onto a door stop 

Pressing the emergency button on an escalator

Putting on a handbrake

Pressing a button on an elevator

The sound the door of a washing machine after the cycle finishes

Pogo stick when it comes back up and releases from the ground

Using a double hole punch

A record dropping onto a turntable

Pushing an emergency stop button 

An electric staple gun 

Putting a light bulb in

Playing a drum

Closing a suitcase

Closing a lock on a suitcase 

Placing a metal round magnet on a fridge

Pressing the flipper button on a pinball machine

Slamming down a stapler trying to staple paper together

Locking the mechanism on a forklift when trying to open the battery

An item dropping down the chute of a vending machine

Closing a DVD case

A bowling ball hitting a stationary bowling ball

Opening the microwave door

Putting the lid on an electric kettle

Pushing down and releasing a hole punch

Pushing down the brake on a caster wheel

Dropping a bobbin into a sewing machine bobbin race

A lock on a garage door locking up

The magnets collecting on a doorstop

Giving the boxing bag the old one two

The rear wheels going over a speed bump

Feeding the paper to a printer

Bus conductor clicking a ticket

Passenger door on a bus closing and locking

Bus door closing

Going through a turnstile

Bus driver changing a receipt roll

A ticket release machine 

Pushing the stop button on a bus 

Putting a wooden box on the floor in a bus 

Putting a footbrake on, on a pram or stroller

Using a stapler

Pressing a door release button 

A car boot shutting

Pressing the next stop bus button on a bus

Pulling a power cord out of a power point

The lid on the top of a wheely bin opening falling back on the back of the bin

Closing the door on a clothes dryer

The round handles in a bus clunking together

The round scroll wheel on a mouse clicking in

Opening a push to open cupboard

Press the mechanism on a bus that lowers the front down for a wheelchair to get on

A pinball bumper

A cupboard door closing 

Changing a car tyre

Closing a window on a bus

A basketball rebounding off the back board

An old typewriter keyboard button being pushed

Tapping your phone to get on the bus

Changing the destination sign on a bus

A bus conductor with his ticket machine

Putting down a toilet seat down

The bus driver closing the door to the cab in the bus

Undoing a seatbelt

Opening and shutting the door on a bus

The latch clicking down on the lock of an electric gate

Air vent in the bus

When the bus driver puts the wheelchair access ramp down 

Using a trolley

Pulling up the handle on a travel case

Placing a suitcase in the luggage compartment on a bus

Overhead aircraft locker being shut

Pushing the button at a pedestrian crossing

Putting a turntable back in the microwave

Someone hitting a snare drum

Tapping a deck of cards to square it up

Clicking a retractable pen on a hard surface

Pressing the on button of a portable radio

Closing a sliding window

Shut the external luggage door on a bus

Putting up a seat in a priority section in a bus

Closing the driver security door on a bus

The starting box opening at a greyhound race

Putting your mobile phone down on a table

Turning on a bus ignition

An industrial hole punch

Pressing a red stop passenger button in a bus

Bus doors closing

Closing a medicine cabinet

Compressions on a compression dummy

Opening a microwave door

Pushing the button at traffic lights to activate the walk sign

A screen door shutting

On a buss pressing the stop button

Going over a speed bump

Locking the clip on a watch band

Unlocking a locked door from the inside with the button popping out

Let a clay pigeon disc out of the machine

Stopping a coin from spinning on a desk

A price sticker gun

An old fashioned ticket machine on a bus

Using the elevator at the busway

Pushing the play button for the secret sound

An old metal library stamp

When the bus driver takes out the loading ramp

Closing a magnetic clasp on a phone case

Pressing the button on pedestrian crossing

Wheely bin wheel going over the gutter

Closing the lid on  wheely bin

Metal date stamper

Closing a microwave door

The ball dropping into a Roulette table

Someone getting onto a bus

Pushing the stop button on a bus to alert the driver to stop

A security screen door latching shut

A dumpster bin closing

A bus driver putting a seat up and down using the stick

A single tick of the second hand on a clock

Using the gun putting the wheel nut on a bus 

Changing the destination on a bus

Flicking the indicator

Bus driver putting his foot on the brake

Closing the overhead luggage compartment in an airbus

Putting a seatbelt on in the bus

Jumping on a trampoline

Sinking the black ball playing a game of pool

Tripping a circuit breaker

Stamping a company stamper

Airbrakes for a bus

Pricing gun that you put stickers on items

An emergency button on a bus to release the door

A self ink stamp

Locking the door on the luggage compartment on a bus/coach

You car central locking and unlocking the door

A sun visor put back into position

A cupboard door shutting

Releasing a hand brake on a bus

The arm on a turn style getting stuck

Turning on the hazard light on your car dash

When you put a fuel cap into the spout and tightens until it clicks

A stapler stapling 2 pieces of paper together

A laser hair removal gun

When you pull the seatbelt and it locks

Plugging in an EV

Turning the key off in the ignition and removing it

Locking the door on a bus

Pin ball machine when you press the button

Pressing the stop button on a cassette deck

Slipping back of the spring load on a bus seat

Turning a fan switch off

Turning on or off an air conditioning vent

Unclicking a seat belt

Starting a vehicle with a flat battery

Releasing a seat belt

The emergency exit button on a bus

The latch on the bus drivers door

The sound of a bus wheel getting stuck in a pothole

Turning on a light switch

Quick release switch for a fuel cap

Hitting the quick release on an umbrella

The overhead locker on a bus

Releasing the handbrake

Automatic door closing on a bus

Putting on the handbrake

Getting change out of a change dispenser

The bus driver operating a device to lower the bus to  the gutter

Pressing the black button that opens the door on a bus

Unclipping your seatbelt on a bus

A Gas pump nozzle putting into a bus

Hitting a pool all on a pool table

A franking machine

A seatbelt tensioner

When your changing a tyre and letting it down ( by the jack)

The seatbelt jerking

When you lock a briefcase

When you push the button for the bus to stop at your stop

Wheels going up the stairs on a suitcase

Replacing the fuel nozzle from the bus to the pump

Pushing in and releasing the button on an automatic gear stick

Plugging a phone charger into a USB port

Pushing the button to get off at the  next stop on a bus

In an aeroplane, an airbus, when you put your luggage in the compartment and shut the lid

Hitting a tennis ball into the net

Turning the emergency stop release button off on a bus

The changing of the gears in a bus 

Driving over a metal speedbump

Releasing the engine brakes on a truck

Replacing a kettle on its base

Pressing a button to release the handbrake

Turning the key in the lock of the door to lock the bus

Closing the luggage door on a bus

Closing the access panel on a bus to check the radiator

Bus driver operating the windscreen wipers

Closing the lid on an esky

Two wheels stuck together on a bus

Putting the nozzle back on a fuel bowser

Driving over a manhole cover

Push the button to recline the seat back

A bus dropping it’s mobility ramp

Connecting a towball onto a trailer

Pushing out an emergency window on a bus

Driving over the traffic monitoring roads

Dropping a windscreen wiper back on the windscreen

Folding down the bike rack on the front of a bus

Closing the compartment door on a bus and latching it shut

Closing the interior bus driver door

Pushing the start stop button on a stop watch

Sounds like a nail gun

Turning the the button off on the side of your mobile

The weel on a bus falling through broken planks wood

The sound of the fridge door flaps closing 

Turn the dial on wipers and they come on and off

The lights changing at a set of lights

Opening up a door hitting a door magnet and bounces back

Plugging your phone in a phone charger

The bus driver changing the gear stick 

The bus ramp hitting the ground when put down

Using a ticket punch

Popping out the emergency window on a bus

Pushing a wheel onto the hub when changing a tyre

Putting a wheelchair ramp down on a bus

A rubber office stamp

A nail gun

The bus driver shutting the side door on the luggage

A fire escape opening 

Tapping a Go card 

Putting the lid on an ice cream container

A park brake on a bus

Pressing a double action stamp

Bus emergency doors opening

Latch on the bus drivers window

The emergency hammer on a bus unlatching 

A shopping trolley wheel locking when pushed out of range

The automatic brakes on a shopping trolley when taking it out of range

Dropping a spare tyre

Pulling out the PA system

The old coin belt the bus driver

Hanging up the fuel bowser

Putting the fuel nozzle into the tank

Electronic tag for a car pressing and locking or unlocking

Opening the emergency latch in the roof of the bus

Flushing a portaloo

Opening the blade for a cassette on a toilet 

The sound an air jack makes lifting a bus

Removing the USB port from the 12 volt thingy in the car

A seatbelt in a bus, pulling the emergency twice and it locks in

Hitting the blue wheelchair button on the bus to let the driver know to deploy the ramp

Dropping the seat the seat in the wheelchair space in the bus

Someone punching down a hole puncher

Changing the aircon setting in the vehicle

Pressing the button at a pedestrian crossing

Closing the lid on the ceiling of the bus and locking it

Opening a vent

Stamping a passport

Pressing a button on a pedestrian crossing 

An adjustable armrest on a bus 

Turning on the overhead light on a bus

Hitting the space bar on a keyboard

The sound a train makes losing power on the tracks

Operating an emergency handbrake button on a bus

Pumping up a tyre

A key flicking out of the remote

A metal door stop you push down and release

Using the latch on a toilet on a coach

The machine at the end of a bowling alley that picks up the pins

Unlatching your latch on the fuel cap

Pulling up a suitcase on the bus stairs

A dog going through a doggy door

Opening up an umbrella

Opening a fridge door

Closing a zip on a travel case

Putting a tyre back on after you’ve changed it

Selecting a gear on a push button gear selector on a bus

When wheel comes off and the tyre hits the ground

The wheels of your suitcase going across the tactile paving

Closing the CD tray on a laptop

Closing an individual air conditioning duct on a bus after it’s been stuck

Picking up the handle on a diesel pump

Tripping the safety switch

Releasing of the handbrake cable on a bus

Placing a plastic tub with the little wheels on the bottom on the ground

The latch on the awning of the River 949 truck

Unlocking the armrest on the side of a chair on a bus

A bus going  over a pothole

Connecting the claw of jumper lead to a battery

Closing the luggage bag area compartment latch

A  dog or cat door flap going backwards and forwards

A ticket gate when you walk through it 

A wheel going into a pothole

Unclasping a button on a wallet

Opening a window on a bus

Resetting a circuit breaker

Opening and closing a portaloo

Pressing the start button on a robot vacuum

Indicator cancelling out when going around a corner

The buss driver pressing the button to open the door on a bus

Taking a screenshot with your mobile phone

Pulling the visor down in the bus

Tyre resetting the meter while topping up the air compressor 

Pulling a jammed seatbelt

Opening and closing a carabiner clip

Closing the glovebox in the car

The release of a button when you get your item from the supermarket

Closing a caravan door

Hanging up the diesel nozzle in the bowser

Closing the door on a bus stop poster cabinet

The boot unlocking when you hit the button in the car

Pressing the lock or unlock button in a car

Pushing the brake on a wheel of an office chair

Pushing the button on a bus to alert the driver you want to stop

Pressing a button on an old style cash register

Releasing a castor wheel

Pet going through a pet door

Opening a caravan door

Set of bus doors unlocking 

Bus driver pressing the hazard lights 

Front door opening

A seatbelt locking on a charter bus

A seatbelt locking on a charter bus

Pulling back the mechanism on a pinball machine

Pulling a wheeled suitcase onto the step of a bus

When the bus indicator gets turned off

Pushing the parking brake to release the air in the brake 

Pulling the brake button on a bus 

Stamping a bus ticket at the bus terminal

A locking mechanism on a caravan drawer

Driving over an expansion joint in a bus

A click counter