Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for breakfast and Hinksy on your drive home for your chance to play

We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

As Secret Sound goes, the cash will jackpot by $50 every time it doesn’t go off.

Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for breakfast and Hinksy on your drive home for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page below for the incorrect guesses.

Secret Sound thanks to Elite Portables Helidon

Flicking a wet tea towel

Using a stapler

Driving over the David Trumpy Bridge 

Using a self inking rubber stamp

The latch closing on a door

The netflix opening when opening the app

Hanging up the fuel bowser

A staple gun

Closing a sliding door

Hitting the key on a typewriter

Pulling tape from a tape dispenser

Putting a catcher on a lawn mower

A Hammer hitting a table

Closing the front door

Launching sound of Netflix 

Throwing a rope over a pile of boxes

Throwing a basketball through a hoop

Driving over a speed bump

Using a nail gun

Installing a cartridge on a porta potty

The pulling down of a paper guillotine 

Pushing the button to open a microwave door

Squash ball hitting a wall

Using a stamp

Using a staple Gun 

Pushing a toggle down on a play station controller

Using a hole puncher

Knocking over a mop bucket

Lock checking a door

Netflix opening intro

Opening a brief case latch

Opening a remote battery 

Opening a lock on a window

Kick flicking a skateboard

Using a date stamp

A stamp stamping something

Closing the drawer of a tool box 

A wooden door closing 

Using a hole puncher

Closing a pool gate

Closing a filter door

An empty coffee pod falling in the drawer 

A date stamp being pushed down

Shutting a filing cabinet

Pressing the button on a keyless entry on a car

Putting the battery into a cordless blower vac

Shutting a screen door

Sliding a dead bolt

Slamming a door

Opening a push button cabinet

Pressing down on a chiropractors workbench

Stapler stapling documents

A magnetic door stop

A pinball flapper hitting the ball

Opening a car door 

Pushing the handle down on a suitcase

Stamping a stamp

Crushing 2 garlics together on a bench

Hanging up a petrol nozzle

Closing a lid on an electric kettle

Pulling a Xmas cracker

Truck backing onto a trailer

Closing the microwave door

Pushing an ink cartridge in

Letting go of a wheelie bin and it bounces back up

Putting a Neverfail water bottle into the holder 

Putting the nozzle back into the petrol bowser

Opening a briefcase

Hitting a red stop button

Closing a glass sliding door

Closing a push button cabinet

A latch on a gate 

Push buttons on a security gate

Wacking your car door with your hip

Dropping a hammer on the bench

Stopping a wheelie bin

Pressing the pedestrian button on traffic lights

Closing the latches on a brief case

Shooting a nail gun into a piece of wood

Pushing the lock button down in a car

Shutting a front door

Locking a padlock

Whacking a pack of paper on a bench

Closing the glove box in the car

Pushing a door back onto a doorstop

Pushing the test button on an RDC safety switch

Pressing the stop button on a washing machine

Pushing the breaks down on a babies pram

Dropping newspapers onto a table

Closing the glovebox on your car

Putting your toast in and locking it down 

Unlocking a brief case 

When the full stop hits paper from a type writer

Using a nail gun

Closing a door against a magnetic door stopper

Locking a door

A door connecting with the latch.

Pressing the hazzard light button in the car

A gymnastic vault

Closing a microwave door

Pushing the button to open the microwave door

Pushing the button at the traffic lights

When you push a shopping trolley and it stops at the escalator

Running over a cat’s eye

The latch closing on a sliding glass door

Your ex wife leaving 

Taking a shot with a basketball and missing 

Pressing the stop button on a cassette player

Pushing the button to central lock your car

Cylindrical bars attached to a drive way gate

Shaking the sheet as you’re making the bed

Bouncing a basket ball

A magnetic door stop

Pressing a stop button on an esolating  fan. 

Slamming your foot on the brake pedal

Pushing a car door closed

A ball hitting concrete

Washing machine stopping 

Turning off a JBL Bluetooth speaker

A dryer stopping


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