This cool new astrology podcast gives you a personal tarot reading at the end!

November 21, 2022 11:48 am in by

Need some fresh advice on life? Astrology has plenty of answers, and we’ve just discovered a new astrology podcast that also gives you a personalised tarot reading at the end!

That’s a double dose of guidance for whatever you’re facing.

Astrology Coach with Natasha Weber – also known as AstroTash on socials – is a podcast full of stellar advice for what’s going right now, with new episodes landing every Monday and Friday.

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Each episode is less than 10 minutes, giving you a quick burst of advice and inspiration to start your week and also get you ready for the weekend.

What’s super cool is that at the end of each episode, a random tarot card will be drawn from all 78 tarot cards available in a deck, giving you a reading that is personal to you. Hopefully it’s the Lovers if you’re looking for that special someone, or maybe you’ll get the 9 of Cups telling you your wishes will come true!

Listen to this week’s forecast and get your personal tarot reading below!