Taste the Future: Coca-Cola’s AI-Generated Y3000 Zero Sugar

September 14, 2023 12:16 pm in by
Image: Coca Cola FB Page

Coca-Cola has unveiled their most recent innovation – the special edition Y3000 Zero Sugar beverage, created with the help of new artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The journey of Y3000 Zero Sugar begins with Coca-Cola’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. Having introduced previous successful flavours like Starlight and Pixel drinks, Coca-Cola pushes boundaries to meet the changing preferences of consumers.

With this in mind, the development team turned to AI algorithms to analyse vast datasets of consumer preferences, regional tastes, and ingredient combinations.

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Through countless simulations and iterations, AI played a pivotal role in refining the flavour profile of Y3000 Zero Sugar. Considering factors such as sweetness, fizziness, and aftertaste, the digital assistant identified a unique combination of ingredients that promises to tantalise taste buds.

AI even helped with the packaging as well. Utilising the same technology, a new pixelated logo and a eye-catching chrome colours including purple, blue, and pink.

Early reviews of Y3000 Zero Sugar are starting to make an appearance on social media, as the new product starts to land on shelves.

Russ Eats, best known for his food reviews on TikTok, says it’s a “mix between Coke Zero and a Fairy Floss Zooper Dooper, with slight hints of a creamy caramel aftertaste.”

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One social media on the Grocery Geek AU Facebook page said “Don’t get excited.. it tastes like no-sugar liquid butter menthols.”

For the first time, the Coca-Cola Creations team has chosen Australia as the exclusive market for this innovative drink. While previous limited-edition flavours were only released in select international markets.

The new Y3000 Zero Sugar drink is now available for a limited time across convenience and grocery stores nationwide. But don’t wait too long, as stocks won’t last forever!