Kim K Literally Couldn’t Make It Up The Stairs

September 28, 2022 5:28 am in by

Kim Kardashian strikes again with a rather awkward impractical fashion moment.

The iPhone pap cams came flying out when Kim was wearing a Dolce & Gabbana dress (as you do) after the brand’s Milan Fashion Week show late last week. Her hopes of showing up to the shows afterparty came to an awkward, ahh stand still.. hop still?? as she struggled to make her way up a set of stairs, literally trying to hop her way up thanks to her tight-ass trip hazard dress. Not being able to get yourself to an afterparty cause of your outfit.. now that’s a whole new level of “beauty is pain”.


I’ll let you caption this ⬇️

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Now for those who don’t know their dress, (listen up for next time your lady!) This is why we have the concept of an A-Line cut:

The A line dress was first introduced in the 1950s by Christian Dior. It quickly gained popularity and has been a wardrobe staple ever since. The silhouette is very flattering for all body shapes as it accentuates the waist and hides any problem areas around the hips and thighs. If you have an hourglass figure, an A line dress will make your waist look even smaller. If you are pear shaped, it will balance out your hips. And if you are petite, an A line dress will create the illusion of curves.

Another great thing about the A line dress is that it is suitable for any occasion. Whether you are going to a wedding or a job interview, there is always an A line dress that will be just right. Dress it up with some heels and sparkly jewellery for a night out or keep it casual with flats and a cardigan for lunch with friends.

So next time you (or Kim, if you’re reading this) are looking for a flattering and versatile dress, don’t forget the ever-popular A line silhouette. You are sure to find one that suits you perfectly. AND you’re guaranteed to make it up those stairs to the afterparty!