Full bonuses for New Chum executives

September 28, 2022 9:30 pm in by
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An impassioned Paul Scarr has spoken in the Senate slamming operator of the New Chum Landfill, Cleanaway.

The company’s annual report reveals its executives took home full bonuses linked to environmental performance.

Senator Scarr says the figures are “gob smacking”.

“In fact the CEO, Mr Schubert, received a total short-term incentive for the year ended 30 June 2022, the financial year in which the people of Ipswich went through misery as a result of this landfill site, of $970,902. That’s in addition to his base remuneration and his long-term incentive,” he says.

“That essentially means you get the environmental component of the bonus if there are no significant or major rated environmental incidents. That’s what the annual report’s remuneration report says.

“No environmentally significant act? How’s this for significant? The Queensland Department of Environment and Science has a dedicated webpage to the New Chum landfill odour issue. It’s got its own webpage. How significant is that? Not significant?”

Investigations are underway following thousands of complaints from residents about the odour from the site.

Cleanaway is also appealing against Ipswich City Council’s refusal of its development application to expand operations at New Chum.

Senator Scarr argues the company has its priorities wrong.

“Their focus should be on remediation and rectification of the site, causing the minimal impact to residents,” he says.

The site is expected to remain shut until the end of June 2023 for flood repairs.

A Cleanaway spokesperson says it’s apologised to the community for the odour that’s resulted from flooding and that it’s worked with authorities and the community to react safely.

It’s understood the water has been removed and processes are in place to prevent further odour issues.

Image: Cleanaway