Afternoon storms could dump large hail across south east

September 26, 2022 8:31 pm in by
Local News


There’s hail on the horizon for parts of south east Queensland today, as storms move in from the west.

The Weather Bureau is predicting some wild weather this afternoon and evening.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Livio Regano says the storms are expected to be more severe inland, but coastal areas as far north as the Sunshine Coast could get at least a few drops of rain and rumbles overhead.

“Afternoon especially, inland areas are probably more at risk and there is a chance of getting some quite large hail out of it.

“When it gets to the coast, again there’s a chance that storms might be severe, but maybe the odds aren’t so much in favour of that.”

He says we probably won’t get a huge amount of rain, maybe up to 10 mills, “unless of course you happen to be sitting under one of those storms”.

“Even if they are severe and even if they do have large hail, they’ll probably be short-lived storms – move through quite quickly and don’t get a chance to dump much of a load – so in terms of rainfall totals it’s not the biggest deal.”

He says all residents should be prepared just in case.

“It’s just like any other spring, when it comes to severe thunderstorm warnings, you just have to be vigilant all the time.”