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We have more chances for you to win instant cash with our Secret Sound!

As Secret Sound goes, the cash will jackpot by $50 every time it doesn’t go off.

Keep listening to Marnie & Campo for Breakfast for your chance to play and keep an eye on this page for the incorrect guesses.

Secret Sound thanks to Chris Gratton Sheds, sheds built like a bank vault. Find them in Ipswich and Walloon!


*Secret Sound will not run while Marnie and Campo are on holidays.

Incorrect guesses:

Breaking a Kit Kat

Rolling two die

The dice in Boggle

Tearing a piece of cloth

Dropping a marble on to a table

Popping a few Panadol from the packet onto the bench

Using a hand sanitiser pump

Breaking a carrot in half

Closing the seal on a lunch bag

Flicking the pages of a book or magazine

Flicking a deck of cards with your thumb on the edge

Twisting a sheet of bubble wrap in your hands

Cracking a glow stick

Cracking a seal on tablets in a bottle

The old date stamp stamping

Tony's knees when he stands up

Serrated pieces of paper ripping

Squeezing sauce out of a bottle

Snapping a piece of celery

Opening up a new packet of anti-bacterial wipes

Stapler being depressed

When you wring out bubble wrap and it pops

Security plastic on a sauce bottle cracking

Grabbing the knuckles playing jax

A needle hitting a record

A deck of cards when you flick them

A nutcracker cracking walnuts

Squishing down noise putty when you put your hand into it

Someone throwing a $2 coin on a bench

Breaking a lamb or chicken bone

Snapping a glow stick

Opening the side of a Chinese food container

Squeezing a water Bottle

Popping some tablets out of the blister pack onto a bench

Halving a deck, lay them on the table and shuffling them together

Opening a nice ripe banana

Cracking your knuckles

Stick welder hitting metal

Boiling Eggs

Breaking off a Kit Kat finger

Opening a zip lock bag

Separating Velcro

Opening a takeaway sauce sachet

Peeling a mandarin

Sharpening a pencil

Crushing a clove of garlic in a garlic press

Pushing the dome on the game of trouble

Putting a coin in a piggy bank

Twisting a bunch of bubble wrap

When you take ice out of container, crack it and pour onto the bench

Taking batteries out of a blister pack and falling on the bench

Cracking knuckles

Stepping on an egg shell

Running a comb across the edge of a table

Walking across the grass after a heavy frost and you crack the ice

Squeezing cream onto your hands

A Grasshopper letting off

Automatic air freshener pumps

Opening a new bottle of milk

Opening up a bottle of tic tacs and 2 falling on the bench

A magazine in a plastic cover scratching it with your fingernail

Untying Hair tie with baubles and throwing onto the bathroom counter

Cracking the blister pack on the contraceptive pill

Opening a hair slide

dropping a dice onto a marble bench

Pulling the mascara wand out of the tube

A cable plugging into a speaker making a crackle

A handful of pasta breaking in half

Squeezing a tube of woman's makeup

Squirting foundation out of pump

A ladies earing being dropped on a bench

Turning on an electric set of hair clippers

When a lady has a lip wax. The sound of the wax ripping off

Opening up a lolly pop

Taking the stick out of lip-gloss

Dropping a pen onto a hardcover book

Putting a brush down bristle first side up

A paper fan opening up

Shaking a bottle of nail polish with balls in it

Female jeans ripping

Putting a charm bracelet on a table

Opening a Kinder surprise egg

A stiletto hitting tiles

Breaking celery off the stalk

Taking a plastic wrap off a tampon

Crushing soap petals

Applying hair dye

Putting a coin on a bench

Pulling hair out of a brush

Flicking a deck of cards with your thumb on the edge

A shirt being ripped and the buttons popping off

A high heel breaking walking through gravel

A high torque female ratchet set

Ice breaking after a ring breaks it

Squirting hair mousse out of the can

Tearing in a stocking

Rolling dice

Opening a pair of stockings

Connecting a hose to a tap

Dropping a $2 coin

Ladies back of bikini clip, clicking in

Rain water running off a tarp and hitting the ground

Undoing the strap on a lady’s stiletto

Clipping closed a clasp on a lady’s purse

Ripping open Velcro

Ripping open a tower of $2 coins (like from the bank)

The noise the speaker makes when plugging in the headphone jack

Squirting conditioner out of the bottle

Popping a lighter cube out of its tray

Waxing your eyebrows

Plugging in an electrical appliance

Putting an earring in your ear

Turning the switch on a hair straightener to High

Opening a box of natural hair dye

Opening a wine bottle with a metal cap

Brushing hair

Unzip then zip ladies high leg boot

Opening pistachio nut

Maternity bra

Dropping a wedding ring on a counter

Spark when putting jumper leads to a battery

Dropping an earring on counter

Taking mascara brush out of bottle

Dropping an earring on ground

Necklace dropped on a bench

Bird hatching out of an egg in a nest

Walking in high heels in gravel

Pulling perforated strip to open makeup

Pearls dropped onto a hard surface

A zip lock bag opening up

Doing up a bra

Pandora bracelet clicking together and dropping on a bench

Dropping the cap off an eyebrow pencil onto vanity top

Skin breaking on a banana when you peel it

Flicking a deck of cards

Sucking on gas during a natural birth

Cracking an egg

Pulling a credit card out of a wallet and throwing it on the bench

Applying fake eyelashes with eyelash applicator

Twisting the wrapper off a tampon

Sticking finger through pair of panty hose and ripping it

Dropping a bobby pin out of hair and onto the floor

Opening an umbrella

Dropping a female tooth onto a hard surface

Taking the security tag off a piece of clothing

Covering a microphone

Pulling the elastic off rolled up junk mail

Putting pegs on clothes on a clothes line

Opening a bottle of high potency natural supplements

Shaking a spray can

Setting a kleet on a yacht

Opening a tube of hair highlights

Ripping off wax from your eyebrows

snapping noise of a bird trying to clip your car

Dropping a ring on a bench

Someone flicking through a pack of playing cards

Taking a price tag off a jumper

Squirting some sort of cream our of a tube

The brush touching the alfoil on foils in your hair

Cutting the stem of a rose

A female shaving

Bubble wrap popping

Female part of TV cable going into the male connector of ariel

Opening a hair clip and clipping it in

A car yard blow up person flapping in the wind

Opening a lady bar packet

Hairclip dropping on the ground

Sliding clothes along a clothes rack

Popping up an umbrella

An egg cracking

Turning the numbers on a combination lock

When you open a Tetra pack

Releasing a latch on a makeup case

Turning the numbers on a combination lock

When you open a tetra pack

Releasing a latch on a makeup case

Doing up a shackle on a shade cloth sale

Winding up a lip balm

Swooping snipping noise of a magpie

Dropping a pearl necklace on a surface

Putting a cap back on a hairspray can

A lady curling her hair with a curling wand

Taking a bite out of a pink lady apple

Putting your headphone plug into the jack

Clicking the attachment onto a ladies wet/dry razor

Opening up a box of tampons with the perforated edge

Combination lock/latch being opened on a briefcase

The clip on the Chris Gratton sheds female abseiling harness

A button falling of a lady’s blouse into a sink

Using an eyelash curler

Opening a battery case on a hearing aid

 Using a shower cap / putting it on

A woman dropping a ball into a roulette table

A necklace made of natural stone dropping on a plastic tray

Opening a pair of tall natural support stockings

Pulling apart 2 cockroach baits

Pump action foundation

A hairdressing salon putting on a streaking cap on a lady’s head

Pulling apart pre-prepared wax strips

Opening a protection packet of foundation

Pulling a banana off a bunch

Closing an umbrella

Taking the perforated edge off a champagne bottle

Opening a packet of Jatz

Deshelling peas

A lady collecting her high heels from a bootmaker

Taking a plastic backing of a sanitary pad

Spraying dry shampoo out of a spray bottle

Replacing a lid of a can of repellent

Opening a clasp on a makeup bag

Deck of cards cut them in half and flick them together

Removing the waxing strip from the backing on a bikini line

Pressing the commando strips together

Doing a lady’s hair clip

Undoing a lady’s clip on an adjustable cap

Taking a lady finger off the bunch

Putting your hands in ladies face cream

Opening your phone when you slide across the screen

Doing up or undoing exercise equipment

4 bolt washer dropping on the floor

Peeling a lady finger banana

A pair of female sunglasses falling off your head and the lens pops out and hits the bench

The clasp on the ropes that you move to change direction on a Yacht

Picking a Pink Lady apple off a tree

An arm of a record player when the needle hits the start of the record

Flicking through a wad of cash 

Dropping a sea shell on the deck of a sailing yacht. 

Putting a shower cap on 

Opening a box of tissues 

A seal on a new lipstick 

Twisting the cap of a Dove Roll on deodorant and it falling onto the bathroom bench 

A pearl oyster shell being opened and the pearls dropping out. 

Removing a security label off a lady’s piece of clothing. 

A lady dropping an oyster on the deck of a boat after it's been washed 

A boxer punching a speed ball

Opening a fold up umbrella from a lady’s handbag   

Pulling on a pair of ladies high cut boots

A disposable nappy tab being [pulled open 

Opening a strap on the back of a cap

Sails collapsing on a yacht 

Attaching a shade sail to a post 

When you take the back of an earring

Biting an apple 

 A string or a loop of pearls being dropped on a bench 

 Cracking an oyster open

Cracking your knuckles 

A rope fall arrester locking in 

When you crack a watermelon open