Red panda escape sparks zoo security check

August 15, 2022 10:44 am in by

An inspection is underway on an enclosure at Adelaide Zoo after the escape of a red panda.

The zoo says Ravi is now safely back in its health unit after being rescued from a tree in the Adelaide parklands on Sunday.

He was brought down with a tranquilliser dart after resisting attempts to lure him with food.

Ravi had been missing from the zoo since Friday.

“Red pandas are master climbers and while we take every effort to provide a secure area, the combination of panda prowess coupled with the weather helped him to go on an adventure,” zoo officials said.

“A full inspection of Ravi’s exhibit will be underway immediately.”

That will include reviewing CCTV footage to try to determine how he got out of his main enclosure, and how he breached the zoo’s external fence.

The zoo said red pandas posed no risk to humans and the small mammals, native to the eastern Himalayas and southwestern China, were considered an endangered species partly due to habitat loss.

Ravi was born at Adelaide Zoo seven years ago, but only returned to South Australia last week after spending several years at Australia Zoo in Queensland.

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