Attention Australian Beer Lovers, Prices Set to Rise

August 1, 2022 1:51 pm in by

August 2022 Beer price rise

Beer prices around Australia are set to climb after the industry has been hit with biggest tax rise in 30 years.

The rise that hit the beer makers on Monday has resulted in a 4 per cent jump – which is roughly $2.50 per litre.
Punters may soon feel the pinch with the likelihood of the increase being passed on to pub goers.

Beer lovers could soon be forced to pay up to $10 for a schooner and $15 for a pint as the industry grapples with the huge tax rise.

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Commenting on the latest record hike in beer tax, John Preston, CEO of the Brewers Association of Australia, said: “Australia’s tax on beer is going up yet again with today’s increase being the largest in more than 30 years.”

“It was disappointing as the brewing industry and the hospitality industry make a big contribution to Australia.”

“Australians are taxed on beer more than almost any other nation. We have seen almost 20 increases in Australia’s beer tax over the past decade alone.”

Mr Preston added that, “For a small pub, club or other venue the latest tax hike will mean an increase of more than $2,700 a year in their tax bill – at a time when they are still struggling to deal with the on-going impacts of the pandemic.

 “Brewers and pub and club operators were extremely disappointed the former Government did not deliver on a proposed reduction in beer tax at this year’s March Budget.” But in the meantime “we’re now seeing the impact as pub patrons will soon be faced with the prospect of regularly paying around $15 for a pint at their local.”

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“This is a problem that the new Treasurer has inherited from his predecessors and there are many competing demands on the Budget. Nonetheless, we believe there is a strong case for beer tax relief to be provided by the new Federal Government – with the hidden beer tax to go up again in February 2023.”

So speaking on behalf of all beer lovers out there around our great country, please Mr. Treasurer, let us enjoy our golden beverages.

Drink responsibly.


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