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Billy Moore's "Queenslander" Call Turns 22

billy moore

It was the series that Queensland wasn't never meant to win, the year that was to be the death of State of Origin football, the year were New South Wales was going to bury Queensland once and for all.

But "Fatty's Nevilles," had another idea.

The Maroons went into the 1995 Origin series without superstars like Allan Langer, Kevin and Steve Walters, Willie Carne and Steve Renouf who had aligned themselves with the breakaway Super League competition.

So desperate were the Maroons to fill their side that they were forced to select an 18 year old reserve grader from the Gold Coast named Ben Ikin.

Ikin was such an unknown that coach Paul “Fatty” Vautin thought he was an autograph hunter when he entered the team’s first meeting.

But Fatty's side lacked in experience they made up for in heart and no-one wore their heart on their sleeve prouder than Billy Moore.

After a tense first half the Maroons went into the dressing sheds leading their more fancied rival’s 2-nil.

Out on their feet and with their backs against the wall, Vautin called on his side to lift and whipped them into a frenzy by chanting "Queenslander," in the dressing sheds.

The players soon joined in, but as they entered the tunnel for the second half all but one had stopped chanting.

Moore continued the chant and wrote himself into State of Origin folklore in the process.



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