Raising awareness about Miscarriages

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My name is Kacie Evans and I'll apologise for the long email up front.  I live in Ipswich and on the 11th of October I'm running $100km from Ipswich to the Gold Coast - finishing at the point in Miami. Why?  I have secondary infertility. I’ve endured 7 miscarriages in the last 18 months and 8 surgeries related to that. I’ve developed a permanent bladder (IC) disease from fertility steroid treatment and repeated fertility surgeries. We lost all income for a year thanks to covid and my husband this week has once again been put on stand down from work. 8 weeks ago I got diagnosed with Complex PTSD from all the trauma.  we are going to run 100km to help support others struggling and hopefully show them they are stronger and braver than they know and that they're not alone. 

Miscarriage isn’t spoken about - that needs to change. PTSD isn’t confined to the battlefield. You can still love a dog with a fatal disease.

As well as reaching my fundraising goal, I need a couple of businesses to sponsor me for things like accommodation along the run (over a week), running gear, food for Jimmy etc and hoping by putting it on the radio a couple will come forward. I’ve been handing flyers out to businesses but not a lot are willing to display/help.

The Go Fund Me Link is: https://gofund.me/82fed5f6 I’ve already raised just over $1000. 

I'm finishing the run in Miami as that's where I had the majority of my miscarriages and I've thrown way too many flowers into that ocean post them all. 

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