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Online shopping rivals TV for leisure time

Online shopping has become as popular a pastime as watching television for young people in a new era of "retailtainment", research from online payments giant PayPal has found.

Cherry-Evans keeps Origin dream alive

Daly Cherry-Evans denies 2018 is his final roll of the dice for Queensland and that his State of Origin career will be dead and buried if his name isn't read out next week.

NT 'lost' 85 prisoners in Telstra outage

Northern Territory authorities lost contact with 85 criminals wearing electronic ankle tags for up to four days after a key part of Telstra's network dropped out.

Landmark Aust pre-eclampsia trial launched

Women at high risk of pre-eclampsia will take part in a landmark Australian trial to test whether a common heartburn drug could prevent the potentially deadly pregnancy condition.

No competition for record $444m reef grant

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation was chosen to receive half a billion dollars of taxpayer money to protect the reef without being asked if they wanted it or how they'd spend it.

NRL investigating Bennett's Napa spray

Claims of an NRL bias against Brisbane by coach Wayne Bennett will be among those investigated by the code as the fallout from the Dylan Napa tackle that broke Korbin Sim's jaw continues.