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Logan councillor rejects claims of a CCC raid

Logan councillor Phil Pidgeon (above) has rejected claims that his home was raided by police as part of a Crime and Corruption Commission investigation.
It comes after reports that seven councillors – including Russell Lutton, Steve Swenson, Laurie Smith, Cherie Dalley, Phil Pidgeon, Trevina Schwarz and Jennie Breene – were visited by officers in the early hours of the morning of June 1.
Mr Pidgeon says his home was NOT searched at all: 
"There were no polair helicopters, SWAT teams, dog squads, there were no officers jumping fences.
I had a simple knock on the door from an officer.  
He asked to have a chat for five minutes after a discussion he asked if he could take my council phone as part of their ongoing investigation which I clearly gave". 
(Photo source: Facebook.)