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Six-month e-scooter hire trial on the cards for Toowoomba


Toowoomba Regional Council will forge ahead with plans that could see a six-month e-scooter and e-bike hire scheme trialled in the region.

It comes after the Toowoomba E-Micro mobility Implementation Project report was endorsed by the council at a meeting on Thursday.

Infrastructure committee spokesperson councillor Melissa Taylor says she is happy to see further consideration of the project.

“These scooters are so popular in other regions, and I’m excited we’re looking at the possibility of a trial in the Toowoomba Region to gauge if they would also be an appropriate transport option for our community,” she says.

“We’re always looking at ways we can provide further active and public transport options for our residents, and this might be exactly what our community is after. E-scooters and e-bikes are one of the transport elements that have been identified in the current refresh of the Toowoomba Region Sustainable Transport Strategy.”

The council will now tgo to the market to assess product suppliers and also engage with the community about the proposal.

“If there is interest from the community and potential suppliers are identified then we will consider a trial, possibly beginning at the end of this year,” Cr Taylor says.

“The timing of a potential trial would also likely tie into any new legislation changes which are currently being proposed by the State Government.”

Engagement with the community will begin in July.