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Family left devastated after fire guts home of 18 years


A Logan family faces an uncertain Christmas after they lost everything in a blaze that gutted their home of nearly two decades.

Logan House Fire Support Network has thrown its support behind the family who lost everything in a house fire at Rochedale South this week.

The couple and their teenage daughter had lived in the home for 18 years.

Five emergency service units were called to the Visser Court fire about 3.30pm on Monday afternoon.

Logan House Fire Support Network spokesperson Louie Naumovski said the family had no insurance.

"When they initially came home and saw all the emergency vehicles at the front of their home, traumatising enough," he says.

"We've since found out they have no home or contents insurance, which has lapsed."

Mr Naumovski said firefighters were able to save one cat, with another cat unaccounted for and a third - a kitten - which may be within the ruins of the property.

Mr Naumovski said the family were on benefits and faced a tough time ahead.

“So to have this on top of everything that's happening in their life and so close to Christmas, is just devastating,” he said.

To donate to the family via Logan House Fire Support Network visit:


Image: Logan House Fire Support Network Facebook