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Ipswich Council blows Budget by $1 million fighting waste companies

Ipswich City Council's ongoing court battles with waste companies wanting to build dumps is expected to cost the city another $1 million .
 Wanless is the latest to take the council to the Planning and Environment Court for rejecting the landfill development section of its proposed Recycling Park at Ebenezer.
Chief Finance Officer Jeff Keech told October's Ordinary council meeting that they have spent the Budget, as of the year to date ,on the cases that have previously arrived.
"I guess part of that discussion with councillors is to see as part of our overall Budget and overall materials and services whether it can be absorbed into  that, which is unlikely.
So, do we need to come back to council and effectively request for additional funding  in the whole Budget as part of the amendment, " he said.
Ipswich City Council approved Wanless Recycling Park Pty Ltd for a multi-million facility in September but refused the company's application to put rubbish down an old coal mine site. 
The council voted against the landfill project 8-1 due to the city already having enough landfill sites and it not being in the interest of the community. 
Further to this, Ipswich Council has also spent more than $6 million defending court cases against three other waste companies. 
Austin BMI Pty Ltd, Lantrak Property Holdings and Cleanaway Solid Water Pty Ltd brought legal proceedings against council over its decision to reject three seperate applications for landfill sites on the outskirts of city in 2019. 
(Photo: Ipswich City Council. Supplied.)