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Multi-million dollar revamp at Tivoli Raceway after years of uncertainty


In the 1960s, Tivoli Raceway was a thriving hub of dirt bike activity for riders from around the world.

Overtime, the trails became dilapidated and squatters moved into the clubhouse following years of uncertainty and plans to turn the land into a housing estate were withdrawn.

But the Churwar site - now known as Motoland - has been restored to its former glory thanks to a multi-million dollar revamp.

Work to overhaul the tracks - a beginner, intermediate and main - wrapped up at the start of this month, and included making courses wider and safer.

The redevelopment also included transforming the old office building into a cafe and shop, as well as updating the drainage, security and plumbing systems.

Motoland founder Adam Bailey expects the raceway to be hugely popular and rake in much-needed tourism investment for the local community.

"Dirt bike riding has exploded in popularity over recent years and hugely popular of all ages," Mr Bailey says.

"To have this facility so close to Ipswich, in such a growth area, where young kids can learn to ride for the first time.

"People of all ages can come and learn to ride a motorcycle safely is something we really want to focus on."

Concerns over noise and dust

Some residents have expressed concerns about excessive noise and dust following reports the tracks will be open seven days.

But Mr Bailey is assuring locals that isn't the case. The course will only be open on weekends, public holidays and special training days.

The club is working closely with neighbours to address any concerns, he says, and is investing heavily in equipment, such as a mining water truck, to reduce dust in the area.

The number of bikes on the track at one time is capped, with about 150 riders a day using the tracks.

"We want to make sure we have a positive impact on the environment and the community," Mr Bailey says.

[Photo: Facebook Motorcycling Queensland]