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New beds at overwhelmed Ipswich Hospital after code yellow alert


Twenty-six new beds will be built at Ipswich Hospital in response to "unprecedented demand" which set off a code yellow alert this week.

The internal emergency was called on Monday as ambulance ramping worsens and Queensland hospitals seeing more patients than ever before.

A code yellow was activated at Gold Coast hospital on the same day.

Yesterday, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath subsequently announced $100million to build more beds.

“The level of demand being experienced isn’t unique to Queensland – it’s being seen in all states and territories.

“Delivering this extra funding to increase bed capacity is an important first step in equipping our busy EDs to tackle the pressures they’re facing."

As part of the new funding package, Ipswich Hospital will get $7.2 million to open an additional 26 beds.

This follows the first new ward in six years opening earlier this year - a $25 million project which created 26 new beds and an improved outpatient area at hospital, as well as refurbish levels six and seven of Tower Block.

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates is accusing Labor of losing control of the health system.

“Major hospitals in Queensland are again in Code Yellow as dozens of ambulances are ramped across the state," Ms Bates says.

“As a registered nurse and former hospital administrator, I and every other health professional in Queensland know that this Minister losing control of our health system.”

Code Yellow

Queensland Health assures the public that a Code Yellow is no cause for alarm.

"It is an internal activation which allows our hospitals to allocate resources."

"Everyone who attends a Queensland Health facility will be treated, and we will prioritise those requiring the most urgent care first."