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O-I-A could reopen investigations of ex-Ipswich councillors if re-elected

(Photo: Ipswich First. Supplied.)
The Office of the Independent Assessor has released a statement today saying investigations of ex-Ipswich councillors could be reopened if they are re-elected.
The O-I-A put the investigations of former Ipswich councillors on hold last year following their dismissal, so they could focus investigations on ongoing misconduct matters .
Assessor Kathleen Florian says they would not confirm or deny which councillor will be under investigations, unless the matter is already in the public arena.
The comments follow concerns raised by former councillor and Mayoral candidate David Martin calling for transparency on which of the councillors would be re-investigated.
He says it stinks of ‘fear-mongering’ and 'casts a shadow over every candidate' standing for election in Ipswich.
Mr Martin has never been subject to an O-I-A investigation and was voted in as Ipswich's Division 7 councillor only months before his dismissal.