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ELECTION: Ipswich council candidate wants the city to improve its image

(Photo: Supplied.)
An Ipswich Council candidate has hit the election campaign trail today, wanting to improve the city's reputation following years of scandals. 
Division One candidate Jacob Madsen (pictured above) says he would also like council to get on top of roads and rubbish, particularly how rubbish is handled and where it's going in an effort to save the environment. 
He says the sacking of Ipswich's mayors and councillors is not one of the city's finest moments: 
"For me personally I have also been proud to come from Ipswich and the community is just incredible if you get involved with it and any of the community groups.
I'm pretty embarrassed I think -- we deserve better, we deserve a council that is doing the best that it can and isn't worried about benefiting themselves".