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Pisasale's extortion trial continues in a Brisbane court

(Photo: Ipswich City Council. Supplied.)
Paul Pisasale's (pictured above) denied he was trying to get money from the former boyfriend of a woman he’d just met, as a way to punish him. 
The former Ipswich Mayor has today taken the witness stand for the second time at his extortion trial in Brisbane District Court. 
Pisasale is accused of pretending to be a private investigator, demanding money from a Sydney taxi driver in 20-17 in a series of phone calls. 
He’s told the court, he wasn’t trying to punish the man - Xin Li - but rather trying to recoup money that was legally entitled to the woman - Yutian Li. 
Former Ipswich mayor Paul Pisasale has denied an alleged attempt to extort a Sydney taxi driver of $10,000 to help a Singaporean escort stay in Australia.
Pisasale made the comments while being cross-examined about his relationship with Yutian Li in the Brisbane District Court today.
The ex-Ipswich Mayor admitted in court that he was provided sexual services by his co-accused LI and made demands for money from Xin Li because it was rightfully owed to the escort.
The trial continues. 
Paul Pisasale has returned to the witness box, for a second time during his extortion trial in the Brisbane District Court. 
The former Ipswich Mayor is accused of posing as a private investigator and demanding money from a man, who had lied to his former girlfriend about being married. 
That woman - Yutian Li - is a co accused in the case, and like PIisasale, has pleaded not guilty to extortion. 
Today Pisasale told the court, he helped Li because that’s what any other decent person would have done. 
Pisasale also told the court he had met Li for the purposes of utilising her services as an escort. 
Former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale's extortion trial continues in the Brisbane District Court today.
Pisasale has pleaded not guilty to two counts of extortion in relation to allegedly trying to extract $10,000 from Sydney taxi driver Xin Li to help his escort friend Yutian Li. 
Yesterday while on the stand, Pisasale defended phone calls he allegedly made to Xin saying that he pretended to be a P-I, because saying that he was the Mayor of Ipswich would have been intimidating.
The trial continues.