2024 Election| Ballot paper order for local government and Ipswich West By-election released

February 14, 2024 1:26 pm in by
Photo: The polling booth at Newtown Ipswich during the 2020 election. River 949.

The ballot draw is out for the local government election and Ipswich West State By-Election on March 16.

It comes after the official draw for the poll was conducted by the Queensland Electoral Commission’s local Returning Officer Peter O’Sullivan at 22 Nicolas Street, Ipswich at 10 this morning.

Ipswich City Council is currently represented by a Mayor and eight councillors over four divisions.

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The incumbent Mayor and councillors include Teresa Harding, Sheila Ireland, Jacob Madsen, Nicole Jonic, Paul Tully , Marnie Doyle, Andrew Fechner, Kate Kunzelmann and Russell Milligan.

Kate Kunzelmann will be the only councillor not to contest her seat in just over a months time.

Former Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli and former councillor David Martin will be hoping to be re-elected after they were stood down when Ipswich City Council was dissolved in 2018.

The Ipswich West By-Election has also been set down for March 16 following the shock resignation of Jim Madden from state parliament.

Here are the Ipswich candidates in ballot paper order:

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Ipswich West State By-Election

  • LINDSAY, Melody – Legalise Cannabis Qld (Party)
  • ZANOW, Darren – LNP
  • BONE Mark Marston – One Nation
  • BOURNE Wendy – Australian Labor Party

Ipswich City Council – Mayor

  • HARDING, Teresa – Independent
  • SALTER, Ken – Independent
  • ROBINSON, Peter – Independent
  • KOCHARDY, Karakan Karoly – Independent
  • MARTIN, David – Independent
  • IRELAND, Sheila – Team Sheila Ireland

Ipswich City Council – Division 1

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  • ADDISON, Josh – Team Sheila Ireland
  • MADSEN, Jacob – Independent
  • INGRAM, Simon – Independent
  • AUGUSTINE, Pye – Independent

Ipswich City Council – Division 2

  • DO, Vincent – Independent
  • YOUNGBERRY, Helen – Working for our community
  • TULLY, Paul Gregory – Your Voice of Experience
  • JONIC, Nicole Kay – Your Voice of Experience
  • SUHAG, Neetu – Independent
  • PURCELL, Steven – Working for our community

Ipswich City Council – Division 3

  • BOX, David – Independent
  • DOYLE, Marnie – Better Brighter Ipswich
  • ANTONIOLLI, Andrew – Independent
  • MUTTON, Danielle – The Greens
  • FECHNER, Andrew – Better Brighter Ipswich
  • NAYLER, Tracey – The Greens
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Ipswich City Council – Division 4

  • CULLEN, David – Independent
  • DUNNE, Sue – Independent
  • MADDEN, Jim – Independent
  • MILLIGAN, Russell – Independent

If you want to make a postal vote, applications close at 7pm on March 4.

Early voting starts on March 4 and runs until March 15.

Election day voting is on Saturday March 16 from 8am to 6pm.

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For more details on the election visit the Queensland Electoral Commission website