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River 94.9 Christmas Water Warriors



Be a River 94.9 Christmas Water Warrior… yep, we’re doing it again. Stanthorpe residents are still doing it tough. Water isn’t the only thing they need however it is extremely important.

We’ve rejoined forces with Mandy from Mum on a Mission and Queensland Bottlers and we want to collect as much bottled water as we can to take it to Stanthorpe. We will make our way to Stanthorpe at the end of November.

Please dig deep and buy as much water as you can from Every drop literally counts.

We’re also collecting Christmas gifts to take with us to lift the spirits of some locals who may not have much of a Christmas this year. If you would like to donate a gift, you can drop it to the River 94.9 station or Mandy from Mum on a Mission.

If you could please label the gift with the age and gender it is appropriate for, it would be appreciated.

You can also purchase gift vouchers from Stanthorpe businesses to help their retailers which can be passed on to locals as Christmas presents.

Let’s get together River 94.9 CHRISTMAS Water Warriors! Stanthorpe THANKS YOU!

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