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River 94.9 Water Warriors - Help us HELP Stanthorpe!



Be a River 94.9 Water Warrior… Stanthorpe residents are doing it tough. The town is set to run out of water by the end of December this year, or January next year.

Residential properties are currently on a 100L per person per day water usage restriction which will likely be cut down to 80L shortly.

We’ve joined forces with Mandy from Mum on a Mission Water Drive and we want to collect as much bottled water as we can to take it to Stanthorpe. We will make our way to Stanthorpe in the last week of September to deliver as much as we receive.

Queensland Bottlers have already helped us by kicking it off with a substantial amount of water for us to take, but they need SO much more. If you can make a purchase from Queensland Bottlers, by buying a ‘ticket’ HERE, they’ll add your donation to the River 94.9 collection at their depot, and we will be able to collect it for you and take it to Stanthorpe when we go.

Buy a Ticket

You can also drop water here to the River 94.9 station in North Ipswich if you would prefer.

Let’s get together River 94.9 Water Warriors! Stanthorpe THANKS YOU!

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