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Overwatch Review

Just when you thought a first person shooter couldn't surprise you anymore along comes Overwatch a stunning, unique multiplayer experience.

The 21 characters are all grouped into 4 player types that range from very attack minded to defence.

Each character is completely unique to the others making your choice per game that much more important. It will take you a while to discover what your playing style is best suited to or better still, what your team requires. This is a shooter that plays like a game of football, not in the “kick a goal” mentality but more in the way that you need to set you team up to win a game, and balance is everything.

The graphics are gorgeous, they bring a cartoonish charm to the mayhem and destruction that almost goes in the polar opposite of other shooters that are looking to make games more realistic.

This works unbelievably well for Overwatch and makes it the best multiplayer shooter in the last year.

Overwatch is a 4 and a half out of 5  Game On