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Life Hack Lesson for Storing a Frozen Veggie Bag


We used to think that the life hack for restoring a bag of frozen vegetables or chips was those little plastic clips you can get from IKEA.

Now that this has come to our attention we can finally say no to more types of unnecessary plastic and it's so simple it's crazy we'd never thought of it.


The lessons we should be taught in school...😂 ##lifehacks

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TikTok user @xo.rachael.xo has shown us all that this is the best way to put a bag back into the freezer when you only want to use part of what's inside.

This could be used on any number of items, as shown it's with a bag of frozen corn kernels. But you could do the same with frozen peas, chips, hashbrowns. 

Watch the video to see how to do it, or read on.

First take you bag and stand it up,

Get some scissors and cut a "V" shape in the top, essentially making it look like the arms of a shopping bag.

Grab hold of each of the arms and tie it into a knot.

There you go, place it back in the freezer and you won't have any crazy little vegetable beads rolling out making a mess.

Thanks for the awesome life hack!


Image: Tik Tok user xo.rachael.xo