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Work Update 24 March

Internal framing to wall between main bedroom and bathroom has been completed, including cavity slider insert.


Some joists to the front deck have had to be removed and replaced, and as such, some floor boards have been removed while this happens.

This is all done to ensure adequate safety


Removal of the external cladding and internal sheeting to the back room.

There has also been some battens replaced on the lower half of the house (the battens replaced are the brown ones, while the older battens are still painted white)


Another angle of the back of the house where the external cladding and internal sheeting has been removed.

Head contractor, Jamie is now waiting on approval for plans for this area, which will include a deck extension out the back as well.


The beginnings of a small retaining wall for the front garden.

Students have also watched several tree stumps being ground away.

Removing the old trees and shrubbery has opened the house up more to the street.

A new garden at the front will tidy the house up.


The dirt path that can be seen has been left behind by old trees that were removed.

This area will be returfed at the end of the project.

You can also see students painting new timber posts for the front fence that will replace the old pool fencing to the front of the property.