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Two jailed over $500k hidden with meat

Two Singaporean men used T-bone steaks and lamb chops to mask the smell of more than $500,000 in cash that they were trying to illegally take out of Australia, a court has heard.

Kehazaei should have been on ventilator

The transportation of asylum seeker Hamid Kehazaei to a Port Moresby hospital would have been far safer if medical staff had put him on a ventilator before he was airlifted there, an intensive care expert has told an inquest.

Murder accused 'bragged', Vic witness says

A former friend of a Melbourne man accused of murder has described how the latter "bragged" about the killing, then threatened to kill him and his family if he ever told anyone.

SA man given ticket before becoming unwell

A man accepted a free ticket from a stranger before arriving at an Adelaide hospital with burning hands and laboured breathing linked with exposure to an 'unknown substance'.

'Hypoglycemia' behind socialite's assault

Sydney socialite Shari-Lea Hitchcock, who allegedly assaulted a police officer and lashed out at a Good Samaritan, has blamed her behaviour on a hypoglycemic episode.